Thursday, August 9, 2012

Circular - University of Kashmir

University of Kashmir

A meeting of all Section Officers / Office Incharge of all the Post-graduate Departments under the Chairmanship of the Controller of Examinations was held on 06-08-2012 in the Conference Hall of the Examination Block to discuss various problems/ issues regarding conduct of P.G examinations. After a threadbare discussion over the issues, following suggestions for Departments were sought out to get the examination system updated:

 At the time of Admission process in all the P.G Departments, Sectional Heads should be involved in the Departmental meetings held regarding the examination process viz. preparation of tentative date-sheets / Notices / Shortage cases etc.

 Candidates admitted from outside the valley must be asked to complete registration formalities before allowing them to join the classes;

 Clearance in respect of migration cases should be sought from the Academic section at initial stage;

 Registration Return should be sent to Registration section within 40 days after the completion of admission process;

 Examination forms should be verified by Non-Teaching officials of departments carefully at the time of receipt of forms particularly in reference to columns, Roll No, Batch & eligibility criteria.

 Examination forms of different semesters and enrollment should reach Examination Section well in time (strictly as per dates prescribed in the notification issued by concerned unit)
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